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Lottery Numbers, Intuitively Chosen

  • What it Does

    Bio-Pick contains the rules for virtually every Lottery, Keno. and Daily Numbers game in the world. It makes picking numbers fun and easy.

    Bio-Pick uses 2 electronic sensors which are linked to a technically advanced interactive number sequencer to help determine the numbers that YOU will select.

    Using its sensors and biofeedback techniques, Bio-Pick interactively adapts itself to your touch as you hold it.

    Bio-Pick is the most fun, easy, and powerful way on earth to pick the numbers.

  • How It Works

    There are two ways you can use Bio-Pick to pick a number. There are no fancy mode switches or special setups involved. It's simply the way you choose to interact with it.

    First, Just like the Bio-Pick, Lottery draws are truly random! With Bio-Pick's help you pick your game and then pick your individual numbers. Odds are every bit as good as a Quick Pick but much more fun and personal since YOU make the number selections.

    But for the science-minded player, there's a bonus. As you hold it, Bio-Pick tries to improve your sense of intuition! -- Sound crazy? -- It really isn't !

    Bio-Pick tries to help the user achieve a specific brain wave state which is closely linked with intuition and premonition. Using sensors, computer technology and proven biofeedback techniques, Bio-Pick's program helps the user predict the winning number combination. It's all based upon the neuro-science of the subconscious mind. A very powerful science, indeed!!

    Click the Videos tab and see what exraordinary things the human mind can do!

  • Your Input

    Your Attitude is the key to winning. It's what controls your body chemistry that Bio-Pick interacts with.

    Winners tend to be positive thinkers with positive energy that Bio-Pick can successfully interact with!

    Yes, lottery losses are common, but winners know how to remain positive in the long term!

    As with anything in nature, we get out what we put in. So the best advice is to stay positive. A Positive attitude is the real key to winning $$$ with Bio-Pick!

  • Videos

    Dr. Michael Persinger's fascinating presentation on what the human mind can do. Click on the video below or, Click here to view it on YouTube.

— Mind Over Numbers —

Science — Not Fiction!