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Exploring Your 6th Sense with Bio-Pick

  • Odds

    Odds are just math. They're simply the probability of guessing the winning numbers.

    The odds of winning the top lottery jackpot are very small. This is a fact and everyone knows it.

    Never the less -- consider this:

    On 7/7/2012 Powerball reached 70 million dollars. Nothing unusual and Nobody won the jackpot. BUT, 437,799 people did win prizes totaling over ten million dollars ($10,028,242.00 to be exact). That is a lot of winners and a lot of money. And it happens ALL THE TIME !

    In fact, six winners won one million dollars EACH and each of them had the same, identical odds of winning as you do!

    The odds may be not be favorable, but try telling that to all those new lottery millionaires.

    Get in the game.

  • Timing

    Our engineering team has a combined 200 year+ experience in electronics, physics, and neuro medicine.

    Together we are strongly persuaded that Luck is simply a matter of how our brain interacts with its environment.

    Advancements in quantum physics and neuro medicine keep pointing us in that direction.

    Using biofeedback and electronic timing techniques, Bio-Pick uses the best of our current knowledge to help optimize your sense of intuition and timing.

    We're convinced. The better your timing, the better your luck. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Tech-Talk

    Bio-Pick sets the frequency of its clock in step with the energy around it. This clock runs Bio-Pick's number sequencer. As you hold it, Bio-Pick continuously measures your skin "reactance" (similar to how a lie detector works).

    Bio-Pick uses this measurement to adjust its clock speed, keeping itself in lock-step with the subconscious rhythm of your body (your bio-rhythm).

    Bio-Pick's lights and sounds change as your body reactance changes. Your eyes and ears send this sensory information to your brain to process, which usually results in involuntary changes to your brain wave patterns which in turn changes your body reactance. The technique is called biofeedback and it results in your subconscious thoughts becoming the primary factor in determining the speed of Bio-Pick's number sequencer.

    Now here's the magic. Bio-Pick's clock is now acting in concert with your subconscious thoughts. So, when your logic (left brain) tells you to press the Select button, the number that appears is actually the number that Bio-Pick has offset to match your right brain's intuitive energy. In other words, Bio-Pick uses your normal logical timing to pick numbers that your subconscious intuitive timing would actually have chosen.

    Your sense of intuition can be a very powerful and beneficial force. However our Left brain normally tends to override our Right, often keeping our intuition hidden. But with Bio-Pick, you can trick your logic into accessing and using those powerful hidden thoughts. Impressive don't you think?

  • Beyond

    Welcome to the fantastic realm of intuition that is just one small subconscious thought away. This is the place where science blurs and dreamers rule!

    This is where What If becomes Why Not.

    This is the place where Positive Thinking prevails and odds become irrelevant.

    This is where Bio-Pick does its best work!

    Are you ready to test the power of your own sense of intuition?

Discover your Mind's Hidden Power!

Intuition and the Speed of Thought