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Bio-Pick: Easy, Fun & a Great Gift!

  • Great Gift

    Bio-Pick is a thoughtful, fun, and inexpensive gift for anyone who plays the daily numbers, Keno, or the lottery.

    Price is less than $20. Batteries are included and shipping is free to U.S. destinations. International postal rates are discounted. It's a really good deal!

    Each unit is hand tested, given a careful 15 point inspection and is then updated with the latest lottery data before being shipped to you.

    However, if you prefer, we can send the unit to you untouched instead. Just send us an Email with your order asking us to do so.

  • I Won !!

    Bio-Pick is one of the most unique gadgets on the planet today. It's the perfect gift for any lottery, Keno, or daily numbers player. Here's what some of them had to say:

    Steve from NC wrote "I won $1000 on the Pick 3 the FIRST time I used the Bio-Pick."

    RH from NY wrote "this is an amazing product. On 4/4/13 I won $200.00 on the win4, On 6/28/13 I won $200.00 on the keno at the casino & On 8/23/13 I got four numbers on the NY take 5 and won $487.50.

    Bob from NY wrote "I won $500 playing Sweet Millions using my new Bio-Pick."

    Wes from Canada wrote "This thing is super cool. Even if I don't win, it's good enough for me."

    It's a great deal at less than 20 bucks.

  • Sweeter Money

    "Money Won is Sweeter than Money Earned".

    This We Believe.

    Sure, working for your money is a good thing, but winning it really makes you Happy!

    There are thousands of cash prizes being won every day in the various state games, and many of these prizes make the winners very, very rich.

    REMEMBER, players DO Win every day, but you have to play in order to Win.

Perfect for Someone who has Everything!

Who do YOU know that loves to play the numbers?