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  • About Bio-Pick

    Bio-Pick is located in Syracuse, New York, USA.

    It is time to retire. At the end of August 2021 Bio-Pick willl be turned over to a new owner. It is our plan to keep this site open to provide product support as needed. Many things will change, but the important ones will not. Customer service will always be our top priority..

  • Contact Bio-Pick

    We love email! For all support requests, you should send email to:

    For testimonials, any of the email addresses will do! ( hint — hint )

    Send written correspondence or packages to:

    2112 East Colvin Street
    Syracuse, NY 13210
  • Winners

    This list is based on email we've received from some of our Bio-Pick winners.

    RM - Virginia - $50,000

    PL - Quebec - $2000.00 (our latest winner)

    AL - California - $400

    MM - Ohio - $1500

    SC - Arizona - $10,000

    WK - California $8750

    BH - DC - $500

    RH - New York - $887.50

    SR - Illinois - $1000

    RL - Virginia - $131.00

    SJ - California - $1000

    DW - Florida - $1500

    FN - New Jersey - $5000

    BR - Pennsylvania-$800

    JT - Florida - $200

    There are very likely many more winners we haven't heard from, and many many more that have won smaller prizes that have more than paid for their Bio-Pick. Drop us an email when you win. We hope to see you on our list of winners soon.

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