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Bio-Pick Instructions & Free Lottery Game Updates

  • New Lotteries
    Sometimes lotteries change!

    You can always update your Bio-Pick to stay current. We do the latest update for you before we ship. But either way, it's free!

    Games from all over the World are now available for download.

    Download the latest North America Games file or the World Lottery file by clicking on the Get Files tab.

    Click on the Windows or Linux tab for driver instructions specific to your operating system.

    Keep in mind that Bio-Pick is a stand alone device and computer is only helpful if a Lottery adds a new game you wish to play or if an old game changes it's format.

  •  Get Files 
    lottery update files

    Links below have the latest data (.bin) file, and corresponding game number (.PDF) file.

    The latest "Update History" file that explains all the updates and when they were made can also be found there.

    North American Games

    World Lottery Games

    Bio-Pick user instructions in either English, Spanish, or Quebecoise.

    How to edit or create a Bio-Pick data file.

  • Windows
    Update for Windows systems:

    1.Updates are rarely needed. However the first time you must, you will need to download and install a small "loader" program that contains the Bio-Pick drivers.

    2.Once the loader/driver is installed You can get the latest lottery data file from the Get Files tab on this page and transfer it to your Bio-Pick using the loader program that you previously installed.

    The installation file and detailed instructions are here: Installation File & Instructions for Windows Users.

    PLEASE NOTE: The installation package is provided free of charge and has been used successfully on all Windows platforms. Windows installations can be difficult. We do not provide Windows assistance. Please consult a PC professional if you experience installation issues.

  •  Linux 
    Update your Bio-Pick: Linux

    1. Setup: Updates to your Bio-Pick are done on your computer using a "loader" program (driver). The loader program only needs to be downloaded once, before you update your Bio-Pick for the very first time .

    2. Update: We change the update file on the website when any of the lotteries change. You can download the latest data file at any time and then, at your convenience, transfer the file to your Bio-Pick using the Linux Bio-Pick loader on your computer.

    Updating your Bio-Pick under Linux takes less than a minute. Full details can be found in the Linux Update Intructions. For the "Quick" version, read on:

    Quick instructions for updating your Bio-Pick using Linux

    (1) Download your selected Regional Lottery Update files (see the "Get Files" tab on this page). Also download the Bio-Pick Linux loader program, named "".

    (2) First, attach your Bio-Pick to one of your computer's USB ports and then put the Bio-Pick into Program Mode (see the picture to the left).

    (3) At the command line, make root the owner of "" (don't worry, the Linux Update Instructions give you the exact commands to type in, and you only have to do this step once).

    (4) Then type "sudo ./ name-of-your-chosen-regional-lottery.bin" (without the quotes, of course), which loads the Regional Lottery Updates "bin" file into your Bio-Pick.

    (5) After a few seconds the lights on the your Bio-Pick will flash and two dashes will appear on the display indicating a successful transfer. Disconnect your Bio-Pick from the USB cable and press "Menu" to return to normal operation.

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