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What's next, now that Bio-Pick is closing its doors?

  • What's next?

    Yes, sales venues are officially closed. But that does not mean that your Bio-Pick has been abandoned. Quite the contrary. The Lottery Updates page will continue to be active and supported as long as I'm able.

    All software and documentation will remain free to download and use as you see fit. Sadly I cannot provide help with installation issues. You're on your own with that. But I did post a detailed note on how to make your own data file. It's pretty easy.

    Once again, Thank You for the privilege of serving you for these many years. It has been a true pleasure.

    And as always, Best of luck with the numbers!

  • Opportunity!

    I am still looking for someone to take over the Bio-Pick business. That person could be you! It's a great opportunity for a near zero investment. When/If someone takes over I will post more information here and direct you to the appropriate site(s).